From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension Finding Divine Love

Spreading love, light and consciousness

Rachel Otto releases ‘From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension’

New book provides readers with a captivating glimpse into author’s spiritual odyssey, while beckoning them to embrace the guidance of divine consciousness and love to experience profound joy in the present moment

TUCSON, Ariz. — Renowned healer and educator Rachel Otto makes a triumphant return to the literary world with her latest offering, “From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension: Finding Divine Love” (published by Balboa Press). This enlightening book provides readers with a captivating glimpse into Otto's spiritual odyssey, while beckoning them to embrace the guidance of divine consciousness and love to experience profound joy in the present moment.

Within the pages of this book, Otto delves deeply into her personal journey of life and spirituality, exploring the realms of consciousness fueled by divine love. From her initial encounter with meditation in sixth grade to her evolution into an energy healer, Otto shares poignant insights on the transformative power of choosing divine love over fear and releasing the shackles of the past, emphasizing its potential to not only change individual lives but also to positively impact the world at large.

Through her compelling narrative, profound wisdom, and practical tools, Otto empowers readers to forge their own beliefs and interpret the dimensions of existence in a manner that resonates with them personally. The book also features channeled messages from Otto and others, serving as poignant reminders of humanity's inherent divinity and unique connection to the universe.

“This book resonates with readers because it facilitates experiential learning—each chapter incorporates guided meditations or exercises designed to help readers deepen their self-understanding. By imparting simple yet powerful techniques, readers are invited to embody the information presented, thereby becoming active participants in my journey as they explore their own. It's not just my story—it's everyone's,” explains Otto.

When asked about the key takeaway she hopes readers glean from her work, Otto emphasizes the distinction between love and mere physical attraction, underscoring the profound truth that true power resides within each individual through divine love and consciousness. She advocates for the recognition that everything one seeks externally already exists within, affirming that love is inherently accessible to all, free of charge. For more details about the book, please visit

“From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension: Finding Divine Love”

By Rachel Otto

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Kim M.