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From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension Finding Divine Love

We are all true divine love—an unlimited energy that comprises our bodies, our mind, our souls, and our universe. Divine love is the purest form of self-love, devoid of ego.

The  book was written to help you grow spiritually; to become ONE with ALL, to truly experience the meaning of life, to heal & enrich any areas of your life that you feel are lacking. Learn how to remove blocks or old patterns, learn how to heal yourself, loose anxiety, feel free and get inspired or just empower you to slow down to enjoy life again, find that inner happy place your life.

Rachel Otto's book is an experiencial book of divine love.
What you need is already inside you, we help you to connect to it and embrace it.

Work with Rachel

Rachel currently is not offering private session.

As the Age of Aquarius doors are opening I have calling to help all people. I will take the next year off from doing private sessions to instead publish and promote my book "From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension: Finding Divine Love".

Now available on Amazon and Kindle or can order a copy for a friend!

You can purchase your copy at Balboa Press.


Way Chill Living

Chaos and fear constantly want our attention, and it feels like life can be a huge load to carry. We all have our baggage or personal issues that can exaggerate our feelings and send us into a maze of negative thoughts, the downward spiral.

Do you want to learn to meditate or how to find balance, inner peace? Or maybe you are at a different point in life's lessons, and you want to understand your own chakras, how to ground, how to send distant healing, or to become conscious!

My book From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension Finding Divine Love answers these questions and more! Click on the box below to order your copy now.

Is a deck of 80 original photographs taken by Rachel Otto of nature to help teach you how to connect to Mother Earth. Learn basic meanings of colors, how to understand the different beings and ask them for healing help. When Nature Speaks to You is a simple way of connecting to guides through daily meditation or doing healings on others.  Connect with Standing People, Plant People, Stone People, and more. These oracle cards are to help you grow you own personal spiritual connection. For you to learn how to heal and get your own personal message from the Universe!

Special workshops are offered to teach you how to connect to the cards.  Click here for more information or visit our Etsy Store.

From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension: Finding Divine Love

Let Divine Love Guide You

Passage from Rachel's new book:

What I’ve come to find is that the average person does not care about sacred geometry or how creation works, only about religion, political affiliation, or what church one goes to. Spirituality typically shows up when people are knee-deep in flood waters, or the fires are coming near them as their lungs are tightening within their chests. For some reason, most of us only pray to a higher source when we are desperate. We pray when we are afraid or in need, or if our life is in danger, or those we love may be suffering. Learning how to keep a balance in life with love and gratitude means we don’t need to go to the extreme praying, begging, or negotiating to stay happy on this planet.

"It's rare that anything lives up to the hype, but Rachel is absolutely amazing! I wish everyone could experience the healing she provides."

Lara Vanian-Green