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Spirituality is a personal journey. Often our greatest answers come from within.  Meditation is one of the simplest ways to look within.  Through meditation healing occurs on both the physical and spiritual level for anyone no matter what experience or age.

Rachel will lead you through simple meditation techniques to complex toning.  There are so many form of meditation some you may not have considered meditation.   From laughing meditation to astral traveling, to silent meditation each week will be a new experience.

Rachel's work is Instagram and IGTV @waychilllife

Soundcloud and Vimeo also have free videos and meditations to checkout!

When you attend not only do you experience a guided meditation but you will also learn about various healing modalities.  At the end of  every meditation there is an open time to ask spiritual questions on chakras, your medicine animals, examine different spiritual tools, and other information that you may have wanted to ask but did not know who.

Join us for a fun, inspirational, and spiritual journey through guided meditation.

Explore the different forms of working with Way Chill Life.  You can sign up for private one to one sessions or your own private healing workshop! Get connected to angelic energy! Check out waychilllife.com

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Mother Earth and Father Sky together!


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When Nature Speaks To You-

Natures Oracle Deck

One of Rachel's passions is photography with her iphone. Using it to instantly capture nature in it's original form.   Through out her Earth Walk or Spiritual Journey Rachel has learned a how to communicate with nature, from understanding the bird's songs to the dance of the dragonfly.   She is known to have a love affair with the mountains behind her home.  

From the thousands of images she has taken across the United States she put together a collection of natural guides.  The orcal deck will teach you about Standing People, Plant People, Sky People, Water People, and Beings of Light.  

Meditation Deck of Nature's Guides

The cards want to speak directly to you, so once you have them you must get to know each other.  First introduce yourself by holding the deck to your 3rd Eye or 6th Chakra and in your mind's eye introduce yourself to the guides. Tell them your full name, let them begin to connect with you.
Next it is important to ground yourself (if doing reading for other’s ground them too).

Ask for Guidance 

Ask your question either out loud, in your heart, or just in your mind. Yes or No questions will not be answered. It could be simply “What is my lesson for the day?” Or it could be your deepest secret that you have never been able to ask or say aloud.
Then you can lay out all cards or shuffle them until you feel satisfied. Now with your left hand (closest to your heart) pull one card or allow one card fall from the deck.
It is recommended to meditate on the card for 9 minutes. Allow the guide in the picture to give you an answer. Sometimes they will jump right out with the answer, and other times you will have to listen and look deeper into the card. These images would be ideal to use before yoga, a hike or any spiritual activity.
These are not Tarot cards, nor do they each have a specific meaning. They are Nature's Guides. Even if you pick the same card everyday it will have a different message for you. You may also use the cards as an oracle deck and do full spreads- letting each card tell their own story. Use the cards as they speak to you! No right or wrong way to use them. Allow Nature to Speak To YOU!

When Nature Speaks to You Workshop

Live workshops will be offered monthly, so check back for live class that will teach you about When Nature Speaks to You Oracle Deck.  The deck includes a "How to Use" Booklet in a cotton bag for safe keeping.

Also included with the cards is a wishing crystal or stone- various assorted crystals and minerals that will help with your connection to the cards.  Individual Decks can be purchased directly at Esty

When Nature Speaks To You

After you get your cards, or if you want to learn more about the card, click here to link for a 90 minute class on how to use them and detailed information.

Want to learn more? Check out the video below! 

Healing Heart Sanctuary is owned and operated by Cindy Hamilton.  It has been Cindy dream to open a healing space in beautiful Forest Falls.  To read more about Cindy visit : Cindy

Cindy is certified in Reiki 1 and 2,  a Law of Attraction Life Coach and does Akashic Readings.  Cindy’s offering during your healing session vary based on clients needs.  Also, she use sage to clear any negative energy that may be attached to you. With all session a meditation is done with her singing bowl to open any Chakras that may be closed off  for complete Energy healing .

Furthermore, Cindy explains becoming a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach has not only  changed her life tremendously but those whom she have worked with also.

  “What our thoughts are is what we attract to us.
the universe says as you wish. 
So what do you want the Universe to gift you with?”   Cindy Hamilton

Cindy specialty is Akashic Soul Realignment Readings.  Meaning in this reading, if you have any negative entities that are attached to you from past lives, they will be cleared – like giving you a fresh start.  Any contracts, spells, curses, bindings, or other forms of control will be cleared or released.  A few examples of what is being released or cleared from your soul are anxiety, fear, guilt, self doubt, self loathing.  Also while you talk she can answer any questions you may have in your Akashic record.

"I first experienced Reiki long distance, from Way Chill's Rachel Otto I actually felt the energy via Skype from Louisiana to California. It was one of the best experiences I've had in recent times. It's my belief that it ushered in a whole new flow of highly positive energy into my life."

Kim M.